Training Videos

'Ride Along With Hayley Watson-Greaves'


Video Training Series


Exercises from Basics to Advanced level.

On and Back Transitions within the trot

Exercise for Simple Changes

Canter to Walk Transition

Canter Pirouette Exercise

Trot Canter Transition Exercise

Walk Pirouette Exercise

Part One

Loose Lunging - Fun in the sun

Teaching Leg Yield from the Beginning

Walk Pirouette Exercise

Part Two

Walk Pirouette Exercise 

Part Three

Exercise for Teaching Travers

Flexion Exercise


Exercise for Controlling the Shoulder


Exercise to Teach Shoulder in

Exercise for Teaching Half Pass

Exercise for Timing Aids for Flying Changes

Hobby Horse Challenge for NHS Charity

Exercise to teach Renvers

Exercise for Change of leg

through Trot

Talking Changes

Exercise to Teach Walk to Canter

Exercise For Teaching Counter Canter

Exercise for Flying Changes -

True Canter into Counter Canter

Developing Expression in Lateral work


Building Strength in Canter

7,6,5,4,3 Exercise




Teaching Medium Canter

Exercise to help the

Correct Counter Canter Lead

Introducing Medium Trot

Canter Pirouette Exercise 2

Medium Trot Exercise

Introducing Half Steps

Counter Canter Exercise

Canter Loops

Exercise for teaching and developing

 Flying Changes

Exercise to Help with Centre Line


Developing Tempi Changes

Talking Half Halts

Developing Expression in the Trot